LIVE REVIEW: The Bromheads

22 Jul

Last year the Bromheads went from a three to a two piece, but tonight there’s nothing missing in their lively performance at the Sheffield Showcase. Fresh from the studio with Sheffield-based producer, Ross Orton, the Bromheads debut a few new songs to the enthusiastic crowd. The new material is well received and sounds promising, delivering more of what the Bromheads do best – unpretentious rock ‘n’ roll.

This is reflected throughout the gig, with the energetic, fun songs sweeping the crowd along and leaving no casualties in their wake. The songs are deceptively simple sounding, with the honest lyrics and sharp melodies combining to create nothing short of good, classic rock ‘n’ roll. Tim Hampton’s distinctive southern England accent lends itself well to a heavier sound, and his infrequent frenzied yells into the microphone leave the audience without time to catch their breath, before another launching into another song.

A pleasant surprise is a cover of “Dedicated To The One I Love”, originally by the Mamas and Papas. The Bromheads manage to infuse it with their own unique style, while still retaining everything that makes the song so enjoyable. The atmosphere is frantic and at times, a little turbulent, but the fun rhythms more than make up for it – not to mention a tongue in cheek dedication “to Jack Black.”

At the end of the night, the crowd seem disappointed to see them leave, but hopeful that they’ll soon be back. All in all, a triumph for the Bromheads.


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