26 Jul

Sheffield five-piece, Hot Flux, may have been together for only a year but they’ve already self-produced a six-track demo from their bedrooms, showing a sense of passion and enthusiasm for their music which certainly isn’t lost in the live performances.

While the band take the stage somewhat awkwardly, the wide smiles and applause from the crowd more than make up for it, not to mention the endearing stage banter that takes place. It’s unavoidable that they would definitely benefit from a bigger space – a slightly careful shuffle is the most dancing that can take place in the tiny area of the Fox & Duck – but the energy onstage is still unmistakable and soon has the audience tapping their feet along with the music.

Although some of the lyrics at times stray into slightly clichéd territory, Hot Flux never fall into the trap of seeming to take themselves too seriously, and they continuously manage to make the best of the small space and keep the crowd’s attention with the catchy, upbeat melodies

With the exception of a slightly ill-advised slow opening number – described by the singer as ‘previously acoustic’, and it’s easy to see how something could have been lost in the transition – the majority of Hot Flux songs are fun and easy to dance to. There’s an eclectic mix, including a Poison cover thrown in there – and a cover of Under the Sea introduced with a cheeky line of “it’s a lot better down where it’s wetter, trust me,” ensures that there’s something for everyone. The night ends with a promise of new material, and there’s no doubt that it’ll be interesting to hear what the boys come up with next.

originally published at the ark magazine.


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