LIVE REVIEW: The View (10.04.11)

26 Jul

When The View were flung onto the scene with their first big hit, Same Jeans, it seemed like they were destined for big things – that is, until they released their second album Which Bitch? Following the commercial and critical flop, The View retreated back into the studio and haven’t been heard from since – until the recently announced 2011 tour.

Following a surprisingly impressive set from openers Sound of Guns, The View take to the stage with their usual amount of drunken energy – and, to stick a cliché on it, it’s as though they’ve never been away. After playing two sold-out Glasgow shows in January, The View still have seemingly boundless amounts of confidence and grin cheekily at the crowd before launching into Glass Smash.

New single Grace had an unexpectedly strong reception, especially considering that it was only released four days earlier.

Fan favourite Wasted Little DJs gets a similar reaction, with the loyal fanbase singing along to every word. The View still have the ability to get the crowd excited and the exhilaration was almost palpable.

The mix of old favourites and new songs served only to enthuse the crowd and the atmosphere was borderline electric. Whatever let-downs The View have served up in the past, this definitely wasn’t one of them.

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