LIVE REVIEW: Metronomy (22.09.11)

24 Sep

Looking at the packed room, it’d be hard to guess that over ten years ago, Metronomy was just one man and a keyboard alone in his room. James Mount even acknowledges how far they’ve come, pointing out that when they played the main Leadmill stage a few years ago, “there were about five people, and the support bands’ parents.”

With the ever-present lit up badges attached to their chests and flashing in time to the music, Metronomy take the stage and plunge straight into their first song, leaving no time for stage banter.

Although the night starts off slow, the crowd soon get excited and turn into a mass of moving bodies, culminating in frenzied, excited dancing around the time that Metronomy launch into crowd favourite “Holiday”. The synth-heavy beats are infectious and the frantic melody is a relentless, thrilling assault on the ears.

“Heartbreaker” follows soon after, creating an almost palpable sense of energy in the room. A lo-fi, pulsating song, it keeps pushing past the previously set electronic boundaries to new levels.

“The Bay” is another favourite, and newer tracks such as “The Look” are equally well received, as Metronomy keep up the pace without once allowing it to slow.

Metronomy have been ahead of their time for a while and, while they’ve gained a certain loyal cult following, they remain somewhat of a well-kept secret. Still, if the electric atmosphere and strong crowd reaction is anything to go by, 2011 could very well be their year.


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