LIVE REVIEW: Enter Shikari (16.10.11)

18 Oct

Enter Shikari are a band known for their intense live shows – and this one is no disappointment. Barely two songs in singer “Rou” Reynolds is climbing the speakers to swing himself up onto the outside of the balcony area of the venue. Predictably, the audience love it.

The songs are fast and furious with barely a moment for the constantly moving crowd to catch a breath. Enter Shikari’s unique brand of post-hardcore trance, dubbed as ‘electronicore’, is loud and constant and – there’s no better word for it – fun. A relentless assault on the ears, there’s no one in the entire venue standing still and the band’s ability to get every single person moving is something rarely seen.

New and old songs get an equally positive reception (minus an awkward moment during ‘No Sleep Tonight’ – the band ask for total silence during a quiet moment, and the audience take this as their cue to whistle and make as much noise as possible) and the devotion from the diehards is clear to see.

Reynolds tries at one point to incite some motivational speaking with a slightly predictable message to the ‘generation that can change the world’, but it doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyment. As a ‘funky interlude’ leads to glowsticks flying everywhere; it feels like more of a hardcore-infused rave than a concert. At the end as the crowd file out, steam literally rises from the heat on people’s bodies. Enter Shikari have done it again.


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