LIVE REVIEW: Jessie J (19.10.11)

23 Oct

Doncaster’s Dome is an odd venue – it feels more like being at a school disco than a concert, a feeling only heightened by the overwhelmingly teenage audience.

So when Jessie J steps on stage it’s a surprising anti-climax. While the audience predictably scream for every song, Jessie seems more like she’s performing just for herself and a few conversations start taking place between crowd members even during the songs.

One of the problems has to be the choice of setlist; Jessie saves her two greatest hits, Price Tag and Do It Like A Dude, for last, choosing instead to pack the main part of the show full of slow, emotional ballads that not only lose impact when heard one after the other, but also numb the excited, anticipatory atmosphere that had previously built up.

Songs like Who’s Laughing Now managed to retain some of the energy in the room, and it must be pointed out that she does still only have one album of songs to choose from.

The mash up of Stand Up with Bob Marley original One Love is nothing short of inspired, however, and there’s no denying that Jessie’s voice is amazing – showcased best by her unbelievable performance of Mamma Knows Best.

There’s also no disputing that Jessie J has greater potential and when her rapport with the crowd is good, it’s amazing. Now if only she can keep that connection going – and focus more on the fierce, aggressive pop she’s best at.

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