SINGLE REVIEW: Mallory (History of Apple Pie), Polarity Song (Seventeen Evergreen), Put Me To Sleep (Porcelain Raft)

13 Nov

The History of Apple Pie – Mallory.

The History of Apple Pie have a name twee enough to reflect their music. Although sadly none of their songs are about the elusive pastry, that’s not to say that they aren’t worth a listen. Having so far been compared to everyone from Dinosaur Jr to Sonic Youth, the indie-rock four piece have recently released their latest single “Mallory”, a pleasant slice of lo-fi noise rock. Harking back to the golden age of early ‘90s fuzz pop, “Mallory” is sunny and dreamy, with catchy double-tracked female vocals above a great guitar riff. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.
Listen here.

Seventeen Evergreen – Polarity Song.

The San Francisco based duo Seventeen Evergreen are back with another one of their psychedelic rock/electronic fusions. “Polarity Song” has enough going on beneath the unhurried vocals to keep it ticking along nicely, with the wandering melody always being carefully reined back in. Bordering on ethereal and giving a nod to future-pop along the way, Seventeen Evergreen take the opportunity to explore a new kind of electronic experimentation. It’s the kind of song you could imagine the Transformers robots playing through their speakers at a cyborg dance party in a car park of the future. Convoluted, perhaps, but still true.
Check out the video here.

Porcelain Raft – Put Me To Sleep.

Rome-born, London-based Mauro Remiddi has been making music under various guises for ‘three musical lifetimes’ and it’s certainly paid off. Like the oft used phoenix metaphor, his latest incarnation is Porcelain Raft, a dream-pop outlet with music that seems first stripped down and then electronically enhanced. “Put Me To Sleep” is a contradiction in terms; while at once soaring and distant, Remiddi’s soft whisper also manages to suggest a certain level of intimacy with the listener. The deceptively simple backbeat pop feels layered with subtleties – “Put Me To Sleep” may be soothing and calm, but it’s worth staying awake to listen to.
Listen here.


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