LIVE REVIEW: The Saturdays (15.12.11)

6 Feb

Twenty one songs, six different costume changes and five members of The Saturdays all added up to an entertaining show.

Descending onto the stage in a giant cage, The Saturdays lost no time in launching straight into ‘Notorious’, quickly followed by ‘Work’. While member Una Healy is currently pregnant, it was barely noticeable –aside from the slightly longer hemlines on her dresses – and the enthusiasm and energy levels were still every bit as high.

First ever single ‘This Is Love’ was made over in Saturdays style with a more current twist – mashed up with Maroon 5’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’ – and succeeded in getting more people up on their feet dancing. ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘Missing You’ continued with the same high levels of enthusiasm, and  at last the ballads seemed to hold the audience’s interest instead of lowering the mood.

While a few of the more low-key numbers lost some effect in the arena setting, it was a relief to have a small break from the flashy dancing and colourful outfits. At times, The Saturdays themselves seemed to be vying for attention with various other fanfares, and it was difficult to know exactly where to look.

The obligatory Christmas song was trotted out – a slightly more soulful than expected cover of ‘Winter Wonderland’, complete with slightly over the top glittery Santa capes and hats. A little much, perhaps, but all in good fun.

Overall, the Saturdays presented a thoroughly solid pop concert. Nothing new, but certainly something exciting.


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