VIDEO: Late Spring Morning Sunlight (Ghost Lake)

22 May

Swedish indie act Ghost Lake have released the video to Late Spring Morning Sunlight, the first single from the EP of the same name. Quiet, understated and surprisingly catchy – there’s no questioning that the song is a grower. The perfect soundtrack to lazy summer (or spring) days lounging around with grass marks on the back of your legs, Ghost Lake haven’t reinvented the wheel but it’s still a pleasant listen.

The video has a quirky surrealism – monster masks and slowed apartment dancing seem almost at odds with the laidback sound of the single.

Marie Herdensjö, the dance choreographer for the video, said she was inspired by the “crazy feelings of unrequited love” and the exaggerated story telling of the lyrics.

“It’s a Gondry-esque zombie outbreak, at its early stages, where people are still hopeful,” said Director Henric Wallmark. “Played out in the dark ages, but in a modern day apartment.”

Whatever the inspiration, there’s no doubt that the video is well worth a watch.

Listen to Late Spring Morning Sunlight here.


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