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EP REVIEW: Then you’re thinking too much (Pools Are Nice)

25 Jun


In some ways, Pools Are Nice has a deceptive name. Forget daydreams of floating lazily in the summer time and instead, Pools Are Nice will be cannonballing into the deep end.

Okay, maybe there’s such a thing as taking a metaphor too far, but the ‘Then you’re thinking too much’ EP from the Connecticut band takes any preformed opinions on them that you might have and puts them into a blender. Twice. Before handing it back to you and making you like it.

To be more specific, Pools Are Nice share with us their distinct brand of lo-fi fuzz rock. Feeling almost 90s at times, without falling back on the failsafe 90s nostalgia boat, there’s a slight dusty Americana infusion – think Lords of Dogtown and you’ll get what I mean. ‘Natasha (You’ve Got Tomorrow)’ is a particular stand-out, with more of a pop-punk edge than some of the other tracks – but then ‘Weirdo’ has something more exhilarating about it, the emotional influence visible beneath the murky guitars.

It’s difficult not to be vague about Pools Are Nice. There’s a definite joie de vivre that it’s difficult to put a finger on and the mash of genre tags on their Bandcamp page doesn’t help. The best thing to do would be to download their EP for free, and check them out for yourselves.

RIYL: No Age, Japandroids.

Download their EP here.


EP REVIEW: Counting Backwards Causes Explosions (Juno)

19 Apr

Counting Backwards Causes Explosions is an ambitious title for an EP, and sadly not one that Juno manage to live up to. The countdown introduction to the first track, Take Me Home, is unoriginal and doesn’t work particularly well, including the fact that it’s simply much longer than it needs to be. Not only that, but it’s a slightly literal take on the title – more explosions, less counting, please!

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ALBUM REVIEW: RST/SH Split (Run Speed Tiger/Shakey Hands)

12 Mar

The imaginatively named RST/SH Split is – wait for it – a split single between West Yorkshire based folk bands Run Speed Tiger and Shakey Hands (see where they got the name from now?). 

The first half is Run Speed Tiger’s lovely, melodic brand of folk pop. It’s unarguable that folk pop has been becoming something of a trend lately – Mumford & Sons are, of course, the first band that spring to mind – and a lot of new bands seem to be recycling the same ideas and styles. Run Speed Tiger, I’m pleased to say, don’t. 

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