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INTERVIEW: pools are nice

14 Jun

And we’re back! What better way to kick off the return of I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times than by an interview with one of our favourite bands, pools are nice. 

The four piece are from Connecticut, and have been featured frequently on this website for their lo-fi brand of fuzz-rock – from ‘Then you’re thinking too much’ to ‘We live here now’, there’s something arresting and interesting about each of their EPs, while their identity remains. I had a chat with the band about the thoughts behind the name, and what they have planned for the future…

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25 Jul

Josh Kumra is best known for his contribution to hit summer song ‘Don’t Go’ with Wretch 32. Now the 21-year-old singer-songwriter is breaking out of Wretch’s shadow and just released his new single, ‘Helicopters and Planes.’

I caught up with Josh to talk festivals, inspirations, and what it would be like to work with Rihanna…

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INTERVIEW: The Chevin (+ live session)

12 Jul

The Chevin are a four piece from a sleepy town in Yorkshire tasked with starting the revolution and bringing the soul back into British music.

With a live performance at T in the Park under their belt and plans to rock The David Letterman Show later this month, we caught up with lead singer Coyle Girelli to discuss his love for pop music, chasing old ladies around the Yorkshire Dales in lacy underwear, find out why he feels there’s been no good British bands since Arctic Monkeys – and film an exclusive performance of Cheryl Cole’s ‘Call My Name’…

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INTERVIEW: Chapel Club

11 Jul

Chapel Club recently shocked their fans by previewing four songs from their new album. Forget about the moody chillwave that came before, because the new album is a summer-infused ’70s synth departure.

I caught up with the London-based band to find out about their plans to soundtrack a Moomins film and just what led to a J-Lo inspired song called ‘Jenny Baby’…

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INTERVIEW: Beardyman

27 Jun

Beardyman is no stranger to festivals, with a headline appearance this year at Standon Calling, a themed boutique festival in Hertfordshire.

Named the King of Sound and Ruler of Beats by the BBC, we caught up with Beardyman to ask him about all things beatboxing and find out just why he won’t get in the Standon Calling swimming pool…  

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INTERVIEW: Childhood

17 Feb

Childhood are a London/Nottingham based band who have recently become a four piece with the addition of a (hopefully) permanent drummer, Chris Brent. Consisting of the afore-mentioned Chris, plus Leo Dobson, Ben Romans-Hopcraft and Daniel Salamons, Childhood rock unashamedly ’80s sounding indie. Currently supporting Real Estate and gathering hype from none other than NME, I revisited the Bowery’s now-familiar disabled toilet after their set to have a chat about Billy Bragg, Steely Dan and a whole lot of methadone.

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2 Aug

Tall Ships are a Brighton based three-piece who have been featured in Q Magazine, The Guardian and House of Fraser (yes, that’s right). With recording starting next month on a new album, a follow up to their well recieved EP There Is Nothing But Chemistry Here, they’ve been blazing around England and playing as many gigs as possible. We caught up with them at the frenetic Sheffield festival Tramlines in order to sit down (in a disabled toilet, of all places) and have a chat…

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