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UPCOMING: Who’s That Man? (Conny Plank Tribute Box Set)

13 Dec

conny plank

In some ‘names you’ve never heard of’ news, there’s a new box set coming out next year – a tribute to Conny Plank. While this at first admittedly seems like a non-entity, Plank is similar to one of Uncut magazine’s ‘Unsung Heroes’, right? Which is that he’s gettin’ on with stuff in the background, without ever really becoming a public figure.

So let’s try it this way: Eurythmics. Brian Eno. Devo. KRAFTWERK. The common thread in all of these? Apart from ’70s/80s electronica’, Conny Plank is the other one to fit the bill. As far as German electronica producers go, Conny’s pretty near the top.

25 years after his death (cancer, if you were wondering), Grönland are set to release a four-disc box set all about Conny’s influence as a producer – and sometimes, a band member. Conny acted as a medium between ‘musicians, sound and the audiotape’ – once saying, “Everybody earns the sound they end up with.”

All in all, Who’s That Man? is not to be missed out on.

The box set is to be released on 11 February 2013, and will include:

CD1 & CD2 – a compilation of 21 tracks all produced by Conny Plank, including luminaries of the 70s and 80s Krautrock scene such as Arno Steffen, Möbius, Rödelius, Michael Rother, La Düsseldorf, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (D.A.F), NEU!

CD3 – is a remix album. Tracks by Cluster & Brian Eno, Eurythmics, NEU! receive remix treatments by current artists such as Walls, Kreidler and Can collaborator Jens-Uwe Beyer (aka Popnoname)

CD4 – is a live album taken from a live performance given in Mexico in 1986 by Conny Plank / Dieter Möbius / Arno Steffen. The three formed as ‘Trioformation’ and performed a south American our sponsored by the Goethe Institute. The show was the last taped performance of Conny before his death in ‘87.