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VIDEO: The Great Silence (Collapse Under The Empire)

21 Dec

Collapse Under The Empire are a post rock band from Germany and their new video for ‘The Great Silence’ is seriously well worth checking out – and you know we wouldn’t lie to you. The track is taken from the band’s latest album Fragments Of A Prayer and, while they sound slightly wannabe-metal, the music is actually really good. Think 65daysofstatic, and you’ll be thinking along the right lines.

The video for ‘The Great Silence’ features a stop-motion astronaut drifting alone in space, and while it isn’t exactly very festive, it does manage to be both poignant and thoughtful. Stop-motion is always great and, combined with ‘The Great Silence’ – which feels almost more like a soundtrack – the clip gives the impression of being a very short film.

The band’s members, Chris Burda and Martin Grimm, worked with students from the Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences in Switzerland to create the video – described as involving “an astronaut who, during a lone mission, is put into an unusual state of understanding.”

Collapse Under The Empire also recently announced a 5-track EP to be released March next year, as well as the next part of their concept work Sacrifice & Isolation, which is set to be released in October 2013.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to watch the video again.


VIDEO: Keep It Steady (Empires), The Woodpile (Frightened Rabbit)

13 Dec

Empires have been one of my favourite bands since their conception – one of the first interviews we ever did was with Tom Conrad, years ago. So it’s with great delight that we’re sharing the video for ‘Keep It Steady’ here. If you haven’t listened to them before then this is a great introduction – energetic, hectic and above all fun. Seriously, we challenge you to watch this and not have a good time.

The video features skateboarding, archery and a trip across the country that almost makes us want to throw our assorted possessions in the back of a van and take off to find wide open fields. Sadly, that’s not going to happen – but watching ‘Keep It Steady’ is almost as good. Almost.

Speaking to MTV Hive about the video, frontman Sean Van Vleet said, “Seeing a bunch of kids skateboarding in an alley reminded me of when my friends used to go skating and I’d go along for the hang. Even though we were just a few blocks from home, the parking lot seemed like a world apart from the one we thought we were stuck in [in the suburbs].”

If you love ‘Keep It Steady’ then you can find the track on upcoming Empires album Garage Hymns – although you’ll have to wait til 12 June to pick it up.

Frightened Rabbit are finally beginning to get the recognition they deserve and, with the release of the video for ‘The Woodpile’, it’s incredibly easy to see why. The song is taken from upcoming album Pedestrian Verse – which frontman Scott Hutchison has previously described as “the strongest and most interesting record we’ve made to date.” The song is a lovely sprawling track, full of just the right amount of emotion and yearning that we’ve come to expect from the band.

One of the cleverer videos this year, ‘The Woodpile’ is worth watching for many reasons, but here are the top three. 1) The band provided some of their own ‘extras’, aka friends, so it’s pretty much a game (as the band themselves have acknowledged) of ‘spot the indie rock dude’. Tip: Oxford Collapse, Right On Dynamite, Bad Veins, Little Kicks and Olympic Swimmers are all featured.

2) The video shows the band joining a crowd of rubberneckers – and I love the video just for giving me a reason to use that word, but that’s not reason #2 – at the scene of an accident. But if that’s not enough, it utilises the single shot technique to take its slow time showing the details and providing an almost dreamlike element to it.

3) The twist ending. Perhaps anticipating that you might click away and let the song play while the video’s in a different tab, the band have done their very best to make sure that this one’s worth watching til the end. Well worth checking out.

VIDEO: Our Ways (Brooke Sharkey)

8 Dec


Frequently shifting from soft melancholy to something altogether more determined and menacing, ‘Our Ways’ is one of the darker tracks from Brooke Sharkey and the video definitely reflects that. Brooke sings in a fast mixture of English and French – there’s usually something beautiful about French and Brooke twists that beauty to suit her means, facing off against a quick fire, almost Lily Allen-esque, British accent.

The pace of the song matches the rising of the waters, as Brooke and her band play on a roof top in a rising flood – and the French parts lend themselves beautifully to the more threatening shots of the band laying on rafts in the water; a la Titanic.

Speaking about her latest album One Dress – currently available – Brooke said, “One Dress came together very naturally. I had met a few of the musicians that are prominent on the album either at festivals, regular venues in London or busking at the flower market.”

Brooke  is currently preparing a full UK tour for March 2013.

VIDEO: Late Spring Morning Sunlight (Ghost Lake)

22 May

Swedish indie act Ghost Lake have released the video to Late Spring Morning Sunlight, the first single from the EP of the same name. Quiet, understated and surprisingly catchy – there’s no questioning that the song is a grower. The perfect soundtrack to lazy summer (or spring) days lounging around with grass marks on the back of your legs, Ghost Lake haven’t reinvented the wheel but it’s still a pleasant listen.

The video has a quirky surrealism – monster masks and slowed apartment dancing seem almost at odds with the laidback sound of the single.

Marie Herdensjö, the dance choreographer for the video, said she was inspired by the “crazy feelings of unrequited love” and the exaggerated story telling of the lyrics.

“It’s a Gondry-esque zombie outbreak, at its early stages, where people are still hopeful,” said Director Henric Wallmark. “Played out in the dark ages, but in a modern day apartment.”

Whatever the inspiration, there’s no doubt that the video is well worth a watch.

Listen to Late Spring Morning Sunlight here.