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SINGLE REVIEW: Aquababe (Azealia Banks)

13 Jun

It’s a little sad that 212 is the song that Azealia Banks will be fighting off comparisons to for the rest of her career, regardless of whether the new song is better or worse. Aquababe is, quite simply, different.

Once we’ve got that out of the way it’s a lot easier to focus on Aquababe, Azealia’s new track from her upcoming Fantasea mixtape.
After insisting on Tumblr a few days ago that she no longer wants to be labelled a rap artist, and prompting a surge of news articles about how Azealia Banks is ‘no longer a rapper’, it’s a little surprising that Aquababe has no shortage of rapping in it.

It’s also rather good. Azealia’s rhymes are as strong as ever, spitting them out one after the other over lazy, dance-edged beats. Slick production and wobbly (in a good way!) bleeps and bloops combine to create a thoroughly enjoyable track. Fantasea is definitely something to watch out for.