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ALBUM REVIEW: Joshua to Jashwa – 30 Years in the Wilderness (Joshua Moses)

19 Apr

The fact that Bristol has a long history of a reggae scene is surprising enough – it’s rather less surprising to discover that it’s been sadly neglected for a while. Joshua Moses’ album – 30 Years In The Wilderness – is one of those previously forgotten collections. So much so, in fact, that Moses had kept no tapes of any of his recordings. 30 Years is a product of detective work – digging up old tapes and material, the majority of which hasn’t been heard before. 

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Pines (Phantom Limb)

12 Mar

When the words ‘country’ and ‘soul’ are mentioned in terms of music, a band originating from Bristol isn’t exactly the first thing to spring to mind – that’s Bristol, UK, not Bristol, Georgia or Bristol, Tennessee. Nevertheless, Phantom Limb is already making a name for themselves with their bluesy country-soul fusion.

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