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INTERVIEW: Chapel Club

11 Jul

Chapel Club recently shocked their fans by previewing four songs from their new album. Forget about the moody chillwave that came before, because the new album is a summer-infused ’70s synth departure.

I caught up with the London-based band to find out about their plans to soundtrack a Moomins film and just what led to a J-Lo inspired song called ‘Jenny Baby’…

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SINGLES REVIEW: House of Secrets (Weird Dreams), Golden Antlers (Glass Animals)

17 Jun

Weird Dreams – House of Secrets.

Put another log on the fire, because ‘House of Secrets’ – the latest track from chillwave three piece Weird Dreams – is nothing if not slow burning. Casting aside the mediocrity and overindulgence demonstrated on debut album ‘Choreography’, the band take it down a notch with their longest track to date. A cobwebby melody and a guitar line just the right side of sinister blend together well to create an uneasy lullaby, and the vocals manage to be both rich and languorous. Weird dreams ain’t gonna be the half of it after listening to this.
Listen here.

Glass Animals – Golden Antlers.

Dubstep infused ethereal pop sounds like the genre mash-up from hell, but for some reason Glass Animals make it work. Turn the volume up on your headphones, close your eyes and forget about The xx, because Glass Animals take what they started and push it even further. Mesmerising and darkly hypnotic with almost ambient waves of chilled dubstep, ‘Golden Antlers’ keeps the drums minimal and the mystery large. Add to that a perfect combination of acoustic and digital sound and you’ve got a winner in this one. Glass Animals’ time is now.
Listen here. 

INTERVIEW: Childhood

17 Feb

Childhood are a London/Nottingham based band who have recently become a four piece with the addition of a (hopefully) permanent drummer, Chris Brent. Consisting of the afore-mentioned Chris, plus Leo Dobson, Ben Romans-Hopcraft and Daniel Salamons, Childhood rock unashamedly ’80s sounding indie. Currently supporting Real Estate and gathering hype from none other than NME, I revisited the Bowery’s now-familiar disabled toilet after their set to have a chat about Billy Bragg, Steely Dan and a whole lot of methadone.

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