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VIDEO: Our Ways (Brooke Sharkey)

8 Dec


Frequently shifting from soft melancholy to something altogether more determined and menacing, ‘Our Ways’ is one of the darker tracks from Brooke Sharkey and the video definitely reflects that. Brooke sings in a fast mixture of English and French – there’s usually something beautiful about French and Brooke twists that beauty to suit her means, facing off against a quick fire, almost Lily Allen-esque, British accent.

The pace of the song matches the rising of the waters, as Brooke and her band play on a roof top in a rising flood – and the French parts lend themselves beautifully to the more threatening shots of the band laying on rafts in the water; a la Titanic.

Speaking about her latest album One Dress – currently available – Brooke said, “One Dress came together very naturally. I had met a few of the musicians that are prominent on the album either at festivals, regular venues in London or busking at the flower market.”

Brooke  is currently preparing a full UK tour for March 2013.


SINGLE REVIEW: Spike (Johnny 5th Wheel & the Cowards)

14 Mar

The latest offering from Johnny 5th Wheel & the Cowards is definitely whimsical and a little bit different. Feeling in places like a childhood rhyme gone wrong, this particular brand of folk and pop is slightly more menacing than usual, with b-side Yes, That’s Right, We’re Stealing Your Soul sounding like the monster under your bed.

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ALBUM REVIEW: RST/SH Split (Run Speed Tiger/Shakey Hands)

12 Mar

The imaginatively named RST/SH Split is – wait for it – a split single between West Yorkshire based folk bands Run Speed Tiger and Shakey Hands (see where they got the name from now?). 

The first half is Run Speed Tiger’s lovely, melodic brand of folk pop. It’s unarguable that folk pop has been becoming something of a trend lately – Mumford & Sons are, of course, the first band that spring to mind – and a lot of new bands seem to be recycling the same ideas and styles. Run Speed Tiger, I’m pleased to say, don’t. 

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