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ALBUM REVIEW: To The Treetops! (Team Me)

12 Mar

Norwegian indie-pop six-piece Team Me explode into being with the very first track on the To The Treetops!Riding My Bicycle. The initial slow burn is even better once the song really gets going, layering whimsy over whimsy to really enhance the magical, dreamy feel. The vocals are close and harmonised, particularly enjoyable on the chanting ‘na na na’s unlike the usual fare. 

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SINGLE REVIEW: 1986 (Turnpike Glow)

23 Feb

The theme of 1986 is that of, apparently, ‘a relationship coming to its end amongst the heaviest snow fall in Rome since 1986’ (see where the song gets its name from?). Two out of five members of Turnpike Glow are actually from Rome, so it doesn’t seem as out of place as it perhaps could, although there’s no danger of accusations of subtlety here – mentions of snow are frequent, and ‘the heavy snow / to fall in Rome / since 1986’ is repeated throughout the chorus.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Ghost Town (Owen)

21 Feb

Mike Kinsella is an iconic figure in the Chicago indie scene – he’s been part of American Football, Owls, Cap’n Jazz and Joan of Arc, after all, which are all legends in their own right. Now he’s back when the latest offering from Owen, his solo project, which has always been a major departure from Kinsella’s previous projects. Owen is softer and without a need to prove itself, and Kinsella demonstrates that here.

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