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Breaking News: Bob Dylan cover album may not actually be the end of the world

3 Nov

When finding out that Miley Cyrus and Ke$ha are among a recently announced list of artists to contribute to a charity Bob Dylan tribute album (yes, the obvious joke is that we thought Amnesty International were against torture?), the instinctive response for most people is a negative one. Excluding those rare few who are genuine fans of both Bob Dylan and Ms Cyrus – if, in fact, such people exist – it’s fair to say that neither fanbase is going to experience a reaction of pure, unadulterated joy. Fans of Dylan are those who usually exude a sense of their own superiority, categorising Bob Dylan as ‘real’ music and turning up their noses at the so-called mainstream, particularly Miley’s brand of Disney pop. And Miley’s own fans, those oft-reviled ‘teenies’, aren’t likely to have any kind of interest in the strains of Dylan’s folk-rock music that they probably associate with their father.
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