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8TRACKS: The Return of the Mixtape

9 Jun


When iPods happened, most of us rejoiced. After all, if you’re old enough to remember the noise your bag made as the twenty five CDs you’d stuffed into it clanked together, then you’re old enough to be pleased that you no longer have to carry them all around. Access to your entire music collection on the go can only be a good thing – not to mention the fact that my CDs always seemed slightly fragile in my personal disc player – and iPods were so shiny and new that it was almost impossible not to like them.

Fast forward a little bit, though, and it seemed that the rise of the iPod had led to the fall of the mix tape.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Days Go By (The Offspring)

25 Jun

‘Days Go By’, as a track title, holds high hopes for the Offspring’s ninth studio album – it seemed to imply that the band were aware that they, as middle-aged rockers, should maybe move on from nostalgia punk for teens. That maybe their music should mature, and grow. There are hints of where they came so close – before sadly falling short over and over again.

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SINGLE REVIEW: Enemy (Bear Driver)

14 Jun

Bear Driver’s Enemy is the perfect summer-fuelled slacker pop song. Full of sun and succinct nostalgia with tight melodies and an upbeat feel, Enemy‘s lyrics provide a much needed backbone – ‘you were always my enemy,’ insists vocalist Rich Harwood. 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Good Fortune, Bad Weather (Lettie)

13 Jun

The image surrounding Lettie is one of carefully constructed nostalgia; buzz words such as quirky, obscure and memories abound. But push the baggage aside and Lettie’s third album – although the first to be commercially promoted – speaks for itself.

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