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CHECK IT OUT: 10 Of The Best Cover Songs That You Should Be Listening To

2 Mar


If you haven’t heard it by now, then you should. Bruce Springsteen decided to cover Lorde’s hit song ‘Royals’ – while he was, of course, in New Zealand. The jury’s still out on whether or not it’s an improvement on the original – and the Boss even changed a few of the lyrics up – but don’t worry, because we’ve got 10 more cover songs that, if not improvements, are definitely close to it.

The art of the cover song is a tricky one. Artists never seem to know whether to go for a faithful reproduction of the original and do nothing new, or whether to try and put their own spin on it and run the risk of absolutely decimating it.

That said, here are some that we think you’ll enjoy.

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Pop Music: is it all going in One Direction?

10 Aug

I like One Direction.

There. I said it. And believe me, it wasn’t easy — I won’t, for example, be publishing this post to my Facebook. I’ve thought long and hard about whether or not I should admit this, let alone write about it. Because let’s look at the facts; they’re a manufactured boyband created on a bland reality show in order to appeal to pre-teen girls. There is nothing new or original about them — they can be compared to any number of boybands past, from Boyzone to the Jonas Brothers (the latter being an arguably more accurate comparison). The ‘boyband phenomena’ is one that everyone is familiar with, if not a particular fan of.

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