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VIDEO: Our Ways (Brooke Sharkey)

8 Dec


Frequently shifting from soft melancholy to something altogether more determined and menacing, ‘Our Ways’ is one of the darker tracks from Brooke Sharkey and the video definitely reflects that. Brooke sings in a fast mixture of English and French – there’s usually something beautiful about French and Brooke twists that beauty to suit her means, facing off against a quick fire, almost Lily Allen-esque, British accent.

The pace of the song matches the rising of the waters, as Brooke and her band play on a roof top in a rising flood – and the French parts lend themselves beautifully to the more threatening shots of the band laying on rafts in the water; a la Titanic.

Speaking about her latest album One Dress – currently available – Brooke said, “One Dress came together very naturally. I had met a few of the musicians that are prominent on the album either at festivals, regular venues in London or busking at the flower market.”

Brooke  is currently preparing a full UK tour for March 2013.


CHECK IT OUT: Shouting In The Rain (Dot Dash)

8 Dec

Hi guys! It’s been a while since any updates and my apologies for that – for anyone interested, I’ve mostly been writing over here.

But that’s no excuse to neglect this, and so I’ve returned and will be once again making more regular updates, hopefully at least one a week.

With that out of the way, let’s get on with this post.

Check it out: Dot Dash’s ‘Shouting In The Rain’.


Dot Dash are a post-punk pop band from Washington, DC, and they’ve really excelled themselves with ‘Shouting In The Rain’. There’ s an 80s anthemic stomp which is hard to resist, especially when coupled with an absolutely pounding rhythm. It brings to mind The Japandroids, although they’re a band who’d have more in common with The Jam, and either way they’re determined to get your heart racing and beat it to the finish line.

Listen to the song below:



INTERVIEW: The Chevin (+ live session)

12 Jul

The Chevin are a four piece from a sleepy town in Yorkshire tasked with starting the revolution and bringing the soul back into British music.

With a live performance at T in the Park under their belt and plans to rock The David Letterman Show later this month, we caught up with lead singer Coyle Girelli to discuss his love for pop music, chasing old ladies around the Yorkshire Dales in lacy underwear, find out why he feels there’s been no good British bands since Arctic Monkeys – and film an exclusive performance of Cheryl Cole’s ‘Call My Name’…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Trespassing (Adam Lambert)

6 Jul

The reality show tag is a difficult cross for any musician to bear, and very rarely can an artist break out from the label. Adam Lambert would never have gained exposure and a record deal without American Idol, runner up or not, and yet he remains forever tarred with the reality TV show contestant brush. Disappointing, because he appears to be so much more than that.

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‘Call Me Maybe’ Remixes: Are we still picking up?

5 Jul

It’s getting to the point where if you’ve heard one ‘Call Me Maybe’ cover, you probably feel like you’ve heard them all. After Enter Shikari and Ben Howard have both done their own cover versions and there’s also an interesting mash-up with Third Eye Blind, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the last thing you want to hear is another musician’s take on what is, at this point, an incredibly overplayed and overused song.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Body Faucet (Reptar)

29 Jun

Athens band Reptar want you to like them, they really do. And they try to make it so easy – their cutesy 90s band name, quirky songs and a sunshine soaked debut album mean you find yourself really wanting to like them back. Which is why it feels more disappointing than usual that ‘Body Faucet’ is just… average.

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INTERVIEW: Childhood

17 Feb

Childhood are a London/Nottingham based band who have recently become a four piece with the addition of a (hopefully) permanent drummer, Chris Brent. Consisting of the afore-mentioned Chris, plus Leo Dobson, Ben Romans-Hopcraft and Daniel Salamons, Childhood rock unashamedly ’80s sounding indie. Currently supporting Real Estate and gathering hype from none other than NME, I revisited the Bowery’s now-familiar disabled toilet after their set to have a chat about Billy Bragg, Steely Dan and a whole lot of methadone.

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