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CHECK IT OUT: Bother Me (My Lucky Fish)

16 Jan

Check it out: My Lucky Fish’s ‘Bother Me’.

my lucky fish

My Lucky Fish describe themselves as a pop-funk group currently based on the East Coast, although ‘Bother Me’ feels distinctly pop-rock in all the best ways. The first track from their debut album Best Thing – which is currently available to buy – ‘Bother Me’ is so relentlessly upbeat you’ll be hard-pressed not to like it. It brings to mind 90s pop-punk at its best; cheerful with an edge of ‘fuck you’. They remind me of Californian indie-rock band Sherwood, but without the soft edge and much more in your face. Guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

Listen to the song below – and download it for free at Soundcloud:

Website: http://www.myluckyfish.com/


LIVE REVIEW: Green Day (23.08.12)

30 Aug

At Shepherd’s Bush O2, the atmosphere is electric. Drummer Tre Cool takes the stage, grabs the microphone and announces that Billie Joe has laryngitis before launching into a rendition of ‘All By Myself’ to rapturous laughter and applause. Luckily, Billie Joe bounces onto the stage and ‘Welcome to Paradise’ kicks in. Green Day are here and they’re not taking any prisoners.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Overexposed (Maroon 5)

22 Jun

Remember when Maroon 5 were actually quite good? It’s okay if you don’t; it’s been a while. The pop-rockers’ debut, ‘Songs About Jane’, came out in 2002 and marked the high point of their careers so far. Sadly, latest offering ‘Overexposed’ seems like it’s going to do nothing to change that. 

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