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LIVE REVIEW: Green Day (23.08.12)

30 Aug

At Shepherd’s Bush O2, the atmosphere is electric. Drummer Tre Cool takes the stage, grabs the microphone and announces that Billie Joe has laryngitis before launching into a rendition of ‘All By Myself’ to rapturous laughter and applause. Luckily, Billie Joe bounces onto the stage and ‘Welcome to Paradise’ kicks in. Green Day are here and they’re not taking any prisoners.

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Vaccines Come Of Age (The Vaccines)

8 Aug

The Vaccines have only been around since 2010 but they’re already raring to go and release their second album. After debut album ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?’ hit our headphone only last year, the band didn’t rest on their laurels but instead toured and then jumped right back into the studio.

Follow up album ‘The Vaccines Come Of Age’ has already come under criticism from being released too soon, but is that really such a bad thing? I take an early listen to the album and let you know what I think of each track…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Days Go By (The Offspring)

25 Jun

‘Days Go By’, as a track title, holds high hopes for the Offspring’s ninth studio album – it seemed to imply that the band were aware that they, as middle-aged rockers, should maybe move on from nostalgia punk for teens. That maybe their music should mature, and grow. There are hints of where they came so close – before sadly falling short over and over again.

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SINGLE REVIEW: Age Anti Age (The I.D)

12 Jun

Age Anti Age starts off shaky; the vocals sound oddly muffled and it feels almost sludgey. It’s also deceptively slow, but absolutely worth holding onto until the chorus – because that’s when it all kicks in.

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SINGLE REVIEW: She Drowned (Damn Jammage)

17 May

Damn Jammage have always had two things going for them – an attention-grabbing name and unique, gravelly vocals. Latest single She Drowned doesn’t skimp on the vocals, combining them with music that sounds like it’s been lifted from a children’s TV show, twisted beyond all recognition and slotted neatly back into place.

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