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INTERVIEW: Chapel Club

11 Jul

Chapel Club recently shocked their fans by previewing four songs from their new album. Forget about the moody chillwave that came before, because the new album is a summer-infused ’70s synth departure.

I caught up with the London-based band to find out about their plans to soundtrack a Moomins film and just what led to a J-Lo inspired song called ‘Jenny Baby’…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Body Faucet (Reptar)

29 Jun

Athens band Reptar want you to like them, they really do. And they try to make it so easy – their cutesy 90s band name, quirky songs and a sunshine soaked debut album mean you find yourself really wanting to like them back. Which is why it feels more disappointing than usual that ‘Body Faucet’ is just… average.

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