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INTERVIEW: The Chevin (+ live session)

12 Jul

The Chevin are a four piece from a sleepy town in Yorkshire tasked with starting the revolution and bringing the soul back into British music.

With a live performance at T in the Park under their belt and plans to rock The David Letterman Show later this month, we caught up with lead singer Coyle Girelli to discuss his love for pop music, chasing old ladies around the Yorkshire Dales in lacy underwear, find out why he feels there’s been no good British bands since Arctic Monkeys – and film an exclusive performance of Cheryl Cole’s ‘Call My Name’…

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ALBUM REVIEW: RST/SH Split (Run Speed Tiger/Shakey Hands)

12 Mar

The imaginatively named RST/SH Split is – wait for it – a split single between West Yorkshire based folk bands Run Speed Tiger and Shakey Hands (see where they got the name from now?). 

The first half is Run Speed Tiger’s lovely, melodic brand of folk pop. It’s unarguable that folk pop has been becoming something of a trend lately – Mumford & Sons are, of course, the first band that spring to mind – and a lot of new bands seem to be recycling the same ideas and styles. Run Speed Tiger, I’m pleased to say, don’t. 

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